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Art Music

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John Harle, the acclaimed, award-winning, British saxophonist, composer, conductor and record producer is set to release Art Music on October 14. The album offers an aural gallery, a sound track, to some of Harle’s favourite paintings. Interestingly these paintings are all by British artists, or artists with strong connections to these isles, and Harle takes inspiration too from the words of one of our greatest artists and poets, William Blake. Partly inspired by Harle’s soundtrack to 'Lucian Freud - Painted Life' for the BBC, (Ivor Novello award for Best Soundtrack 2013/Royal Television Society - Best Original Music 2013), Art Music features original music inspired by the paintings of Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Francis Bacon, John Craxton and John O Connor. Marc Almond sings adapted lyrics by William Blake to music for Harle’s new three-part composition The Arrival of Spring. The album also features noted English classical soprano Sarah Leonard (the voice of Silent Witness), feted Czech violinist Pavel Šporcl and the superlative Doric String Quartet. John Harle and Marc Almond will also collaborate on the composer’s forthcoming album and tour, The Tyburn Tree, which explores the dark side of London and will be released in 2014.


John Harle - Composer, Saxophones, Guitars, Keyboards
Marc Almond - Voice
Sarah Leonard - Voice
Pavel Šporcl - Violin
Steve Lodder - Piano
The Doric String Quartet


1. Berlin Tango
2. The Interpretation of Dreams
3. Memory and Imagination
4. Painted Life
5. In the Wood
6. Angel Eyes
7. The Arrival of Spring
8. Innocent
9. In Nomine
10. Invocation
11. Procession
12. Meditation
13. Evolution
14. Dedication