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Bout Time 2

From £7.00

Features fine performances from many of the artists Steve has been associated with over the years; John Harle, Andy Sheppard, Monica Vasconcelos, Mark Ramsden, Paul Jayasinha and Paul Nieman. Recorded at the clapton terrace studio, the album explores the electronic funk side of jazz, while still finding space for chilled soundscapes and acoustic pieces.

Steve Lodder – Piano and Keys

John Harle, Andy Sheppard, Mark Ramsden – Saxophones

Monica Vasconcelos – Voice

Paul Jayasinha – Trumpet

Paul Nieman – Trombone

Dudley Phillips – Bass

Mike Bradley and Alex Lodder – Drums/Rhythm Tracks




“The keyboardist Steve Lodder’s debut album has precisely the right title, bout time 2 (Sleeve). By rights he should have recorded an album long before now, but it’s not surprising that he hasn’t found time when you consider how often he is called upon to participate in other projects — from playing African music with Sibongile Khumalo to “difficult” material with John Harle and back in his berth as regular keyboardist with Andy Sheppard. So it was always going to be interesting to hear his own voice.

Even those familiar with his playing may be surprised by some of the colours and flavours on bout time 2, a mix of Latin excursions, funky improvisations and languid, Sheppard-esque meditations. All the compositions here are by Lodder, with the exception of excerpts from Charlie Parker’s Donna Lee and J. S. Bach’s St Matthew Passion, and they confirm a keen imagination, a strong musical confidence and an impish sense of humour. The record is bolstered by contributions from Harle, Sheppard and Monica Vasconcelos among others.”